Fig varieties introduced by Bass Samaan of Trees of Joy nursery

As a young boy in the Mediterranean country of Lebanon I saw fig trees growing all around me, even in the city. You can find fig trees cracks of the walls, in abandoned parking lots. In the country side it is the #1 fruit tree found in abundance. When I first purchased a home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 2001 the first thing I planted was a fig tree. I later traded with others and discovered fig trees that have been doing well in my area. I later built a small greenhouse and was able to save potted fig trees overwinter. I had many asking me for fig trees and I gave away some, traded, and sold some. later on my collection of figs and fruit trees grew and I established and online business and named it Trees of Joy.
Over the years I have discovered and gave names to unknown varieties of fig trees and introduced them. Many of these became popular and some are still gaining popularity. Here are the fig varieties I’ve introduced, a few of these are no longer in our collection, and a few that haven’t been released yet.

1. Brooklyn White

2. Brooklyn Dark
3. Dark Portuguese
4. Black Bethlehem
5. Syrian Long
6. Calabrese long
7. Pane e Vino White
8. Pane e Vino Dark

9. Salem Dark
10. Salem Honey
11. Honey Jumbo
12. Cimino
13. Macool

14. Syrian Dark
15. Naples White
16. Beirut White
17. Batroun Purple
18. Lebanese Red
19. Souadi
20. Lebanese Shmali
21. Hmari
22. Rimali
23. Sumacki
24. Abou George
25. Mavra Sika
26. Makedonia Dark
27. Macedonia White
28. Eftakia
29. Sweet Joy

30. Syrian 2
31. Syrian 3
32. Syrian Honey
33. Barada
34. Shtawi
35. Lebanese Strawberry
36. Lebanese Byadi
37. Bass’ Favorite
38. Sefrawi

39. Matta
40. Mel de Galicia

41. Galicia Negra

42. Saidnaya white
43. Saint charbel
44. Abdeen red
45. Cyprus dark
46. Tomb
47. ahmar
48. Carolina dark
49. Lansdale Red
50. German Red
51. Sidel
52. Shiblawi
53. Douma Red
54. Mar Saba
55. Lebanese Long
56. Lebanese Dark #2
57. Barhalioun
58. Lebanese Shtawi
59. Syrian Shtawi
60. Bella
61. Abdeen Red
62. Koura Black

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  • Wow, what a wonderful collection of different varieties and colorful plate ?full of figs it must be , after hot and sunny August/September week ❣️?

  • When I have questions about our fig trees which have dragged from zone 7 to zone 10 to zone 4, you have always been a so helpful.

  • Did you also name and introduce Carvalho?

    Is Naples White a synonym for Brooklyn White (ie: same cultivar)?

  • Very cool. You must be so proud. Are you registering trademarks for any of these? If not, you should. Even if only for the sake of documentation

  • Just chiming in.
    Was the question ever answered about caprification and common figs. Any better qualities achieved?

    Also. Would I need to pollinate Smyrna or San Pedro types to get cuttings that would produce same type?

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